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At the Coast

Up at 4:30 AM; breakfast at 5; on the road at 5:30 AM
5 hour trip to the coast; Elmina hotel and boy am I thrilled!! Right on the ocean and such a nice hotel. We exchanged cedis but rooms are not readyl. So lunch by the ocean. Then, we are touring the slave castles. Only had 1 slightly warm shower since leaving; most of the time, the water is a trickle. So much looking forward to a nice shower and a bed bigger than 1/2 twin!

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Three Days Into Teaching

We are walking 3-6 miles a day-back and forth to the schools. But, the food is so delicious, there is no way I will lose weight! Wednesday morning begins with convocation complete with singing (alot) and several drums=singing and clapping is robust. Then, a short sermon about a traffic light as your conscience. They took up an offering from the students. I put in two cedis. Then, I was asked to bless the offering. It is a great honor so I could not refuse. Well, praying in public is not something I am used to. But, I said the right things apparently. Then, there was a special song where I was supposed to dance! What a great laugh the Ghanaians must have had. This is all before 8 AM.
We are working on college words-so far, tenacious and reluctant.
Also, I introduced the word :NOVEL. The students did not know this word.
We discussed the elements of a novel and I began reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. We will continue tomorrow.
Currently, we are all at The Volta Hotel which has a wireless network. Beautiful view and a bar!! Have the first ice since leaving the plane.
We have two computers for 14 people and everyone wants to use it.
More later and I have lots of pictures!! No time to download pics yet.
Going to Cape Coast to see slave castles this weekend-taking two vans-all are going!

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Made it to Ghana

Finally arrived in Ghana. 2 hour drive from airport to New Akrade. Our van had a flat tire on the way! Unbelievable! Thought this voyage would never end.
Had ceremony with chiefs of the village. Lots of drums and dancing. Everyone friendly. Children are beautiful!
Start tomorrow (Monday) at the primary school. Already met the principal and all the teachers. Will get my assignment tomorrow.
Weather is humid and so you always feel damp.
Hotel is nice and air conditioned!!
More later!

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Not in Ghana but happy to be Alive

It is Saturday morning and we are at a Quality Inn near JFK airport. Our flight was delayed about 2 hours yesterday due to "power difficulties". We finally got off the ground and were about 2 hours into the flight when everyone smelled something burning. Smoke was pouring over the wings. All the lights in the cabin went out. Then, the captain told us we were turning around, dumping fuel, and would try to land back at JFK.
Well, one old woman began to wail and pray loudly. That's all it took. Several chimed in and we had alot of "Allah, la, la, la, etc.". As we were coming in for the landing, the plane was pitching from side to side. The man across the aisle from me grabbed my hand.
All ends well! The pilot did a terrific job. I guess it will never be known how close we came to crashing.
Delta then herded us to yet another line where we waited for a hotel voucher. It was about 1 AM when I got to my hotel room.
A special flight was arranged for all of us today (Saturday) at 4 PM.
Wish me luck and say a prayer!!

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Great Send Off at Book Club

rain 80 °F

Book_Club_..009_005.jpgWhat a great day! It's fitting that one of the last few days before my trip should include our Book Club monthly meeting. The Book Club meeting is the highlight of every month. We started with a yoga class taught by Caroline. Then, on to a delicious lunch and lively discussion of Kafka's short stories at Joyce's. I cherish each woman in the group and am constantly amazed by their powerful, intelligent, caring, and fun loving spirits. Each friend gave me a hug and special words for my trip. I felt warm and protected by this beautiful group. I am so privileged to be a member.

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