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Holiday Today

Tuesday, November 16

sunny 92 °F

Today is a Muslim holiday and is a national holiday for Ghana so the schools are closed.
Yvonne and I once again are at the internet cafe. This will probably be the last time I can update the blog until I reach New York. I will be leaving for Acrra early Saturday morning about 5 AM Ghana time and return to Charlotte about 11 PM (Charlotte time).
I really want a hot shower, some chocolate milk and a diet coke.

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Pen Pal Letters

Monday, November 15

sunny 90 °F

The students and I started working on the pen pal letters to go back to Langford Elementary. It took more work than I had anticipated as the students did not understand the concept of a pen pal because they had never heard the term. Also, they did not know what a letter was or how to write one. It is just not something to which they have been exposed.
So, I started at the beginning. Once they understood, they were so happy and began writing like mad!! The letters are so good hearted and the students are so interested in our Langford students.
I also took some great pictures of the students to bring home.
We will continue to work on the letters this week.

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The Dodi Princess

Sunday, November 14th

semi-overcast 90 °F

Today, we took a cruise on Lake Volta. We rode in a double decker ferry-type boat complete with live band and a delicious lunch.
Lake Volta is the largest man made lake in the world. The scenery is breathtaking with the water and mountains rising all around. We sat outside and the breeze was cooling. We dozed some and talked with some of the other passengers. We saw not only Ghanaians but Asian, German, and US passengers. The group was composed of mostly young couples and young families. This group of passengers seemed to be more affluent and they certainly embraced the western styles.
The trip took about 5 hours.
I would have to say that today was the most relaxing day I have had in Ghana.

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A Hot Bath!!

November 13th

90 °F

Most of the team left today. Only myself and Yvonne, the nurse, remain for the 3rd week. I was up at 4:30 AM to have breakfast and say good bye to all my new friends. The last few days we have had no water at the hotel. It comes out of the faucet as a trickle. I really wanted a warm shower to get some of the grime off. I tried the water all morning-nothing. The hotel staff explained that the government works on the lines sometimes so you just have to wait for water. One of the young men brought me a bucket of hot water. I soaped up and then poured the entire bucket on my head. Wow, was that great!!
We take so much for granted until you don't have it. This kind act of providing me with some hot water meant so much to me. What a treat!!
Yvonne and I decided to go the the Lake Volta Hotel to use the internet and relax some-the view of the dam and lake is so beautiful. I would never get tired of looking at it.
We found a wonderful taxi driver named Isaac. He gave us his phone number and he comes whenever we want to go somewhere. He brought us to the hotel and will pick us up when we call. The round trip which is about 30 miles cost 15 cedis or about 10 American dollars.
Yvonne has been on 16 trips with Global Volunteers and told me so many stories about her treks all over the world. She is such an interesting person. She is in her 70s and makes these trips by herself. She is a good role model and funny too!

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Electric Slide

Friday, November 12

We have been doing the Electric Slide with the students. They love it. Well, the teachers came to me today and asked about it. They said the students were talking about the dance and they did not know it. So, I spent a delightful 30 minutes showing them the Electric Slide. I really had all of them laughing. They all agree that MAYBE I CAN dance alittle bit.
Tonight, we had the ending ceremony as most of the volunteers are leaving in the morning. We had a nice dinner prepared by our cook, Bless. The Mayor, quite a few teachers, and the entire construction crew came in addition to all the volunteers. It was a fun bunch.

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